Icey Sensory Filler

Icey Sensory Filler

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This listing is for specialty themed sensory filler to include in a sensory tray, or in other sensory play activities.

Our ICEY filler is so much fun with a winter wonderland theme, with polar animal manipulatives, snoeflakes from acrylic and more!

Each bag is specially planned with a fun theme to match with any occasion you might want. We use a mix of many different items within the mix which can include dried goods like rice, beans, noodles, as well as special items made by our shop, like wooden and acrylic manipulatives, wooden confetti and more!

we reccommend 1 bag for a small sensory tray, and 2 bags for a large sensory tray.

2 or more bags get free shipping!

each bag contains 2 cups of your chosen theme, and is made in and shipped from the USA, joliet illinois.

would you like a theme not yet listed? let us know and we will be happy to work with you!

for ages 3+
not for consumption, this is not food.